How a Negotiated Solution works?

Our services work as follows:

Step one: We contact each principal. Then we listen. We gather information on each stakeholder to understand the goals and concerns that may bear on how the parties’ can reach a viable conflict resolution. This confidential intake process allows us to learn how best to serve their goals and address their concerns. We assign a mediator or other dispute resolution professional who is qualified in the relevant subject matter or discipline.

See our contact page for details on how to reach us.

Step two: We assist the participants to flesh out an agreement in an informal and flexible context. The participants control the process and the result.

In a corporate or institutional context, in contrast, the principal may come to us for conflict management training—to prevent disputes with or among employees. We identify the team members and office policies that may affect in-house disputes. We look for signs that adversarial attitudes may be transformed into joint management of conflicts.

Step three: Agreements are reached which may be oral or written, where both are satisfied.we help the principals to reach mutual agreement on a path going forward. Of course, the principals may agree to disagree. But more often, by the end of the process, the principals do agree on terms for a viable resolution to their dispute or for re-setting their relationship.

Because the principals control the result, we leave it to them to determine the terms of their agreement and whether it is oral or in writing. But negotiated solution does help guide them in making the terms practicable.