Who are we?

We are a Civil Association dedicated to solving legal disputes using unique, efficient, creative and friendly methods. Our goal is to reach agreements without litigation wich is exhausting and very costly process.Luis Miguel Díaz, president of the association, has nearly 30 years of experience in conflict resolution. His doctoral dissertation consisted in a model to resolve legal disputes.

  • We provide interdisciplinary services for negotiation, conciliation, mediation and training for conflict management.

  • We use visual and auditory stimuli to unlearn beliefs that hinder conflict management and learn beliefs that facilitate its management.

  • Disable exhausting processes that are time consuming, very costly, that cause anxiety, and hamper the dialogue between those involved.

  • We support participants in identifying the important individual interests in apparent conflict, so they may reach an amicable agreement that effectively satisfies the interests of each.

Preventive joint awareness

negotiated solution is addressed to those who participate to reach an agreement or a common goal.We tailor a program to sensitize a group of its resources in order to negotiate and conciliate.

negotiated solution contacts all the negotiators and listens to them, building communication bridges to handle the conflict in a cordial and friendly way.


negotiated solution takes into account the hours, per diem, per session, or as a percentage of the disputed amount.