Solucion Negociada Luis Miguel Diaz

Dr. Luis Miguel Díaz


I invite you to give us your confidence for the good management of your conflict. A negotiated solution will save you money, time and emotional distress. I have almost 30 years of experience in the solution of conflicts. I graduated as Science Juridical Doctor at Harvard Law School. My doctoral dissertation consisted of a model for solving international legal conflicts.


Some of the professional opportunities of Luis Miguel Díaz include the following:

Díaz was one of the negotiators and drafters of international documents such as:

The Model Law of Commercial Conciliation of United Nations (2000-2002).
The Free Trade Agreement of North America and Labor and Environmental Parallel Agreement (1992-93).
The Agreement between Mexico and United States for the establishment of the Commission of Boarder Environmental Cooperation and North America Development Bank (1993).
The Declaration of the United Nations for the Pacific Solution of International Controversies.
The Third Conference of the United Nations for Law of the Sea (1977-1982).

Díaz is a citizen of Mexico and the United States of America.

Academic Formation

Doctor in Legal Sciences (1986, S.J.D.) and professor of International Law (1976, LL.M.) of Harvard Law School

Studied Social Psychology in the Department of External Studies in Oxford University (1974-75).

Attorney at Law (graduated with honors) from the National Autonomous University of Mexico " Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México " (1974).

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